Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Zine Library Wishlist!

Wanna help us out? Here are some things we need to start up the zine library!

-Zine Donations! - from your own zine collection, zines you have written, etc.
-Office Supplies - scissors, pens, paper, gluesticks, envelopes, etc.
-A paper cutter
-File Storage Materials - shelves, storage boxes, file cabinets, etc.
-Furnature - table and chairs, rocking chairs, anything awesome to curl up and read a zine in...
-Posters and Art to decorate the space
-Financial Donations - to help cover the costs of printing, postage, and events
-COLLECTIVE MEMBERS! - To join The Zine Tree Collective, help find a space, write zine summaries, collect zine donations, put on zine workshops, organize fundraisers, etc!

If you are interested in helping in ANY way, please email us at


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